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Davohnte Morgan’s family seeking answers after discovering new clues about his disappearance

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The family of a missing San Francisco man, who suspiciously disappeared in Mount Shasta, California nearly four years ago, is seeking answers after learning about disturbing new details in the city’s biggest case to date.


Davohnte Morgan, 28 at the time he was reported missing, traveled to Mount Shasta with his girlfriend on May 4, 2020. According to police, he was last seen on May 5, 2020 but was officially reported missing by the girlfriend two days later on May 7.

Morgan has never been to the area and does not have ties. He was last seen wearing black sweatpants with a white stripe, black knit turtleneck and San Francisco 49ers branded flip flops.

“[The girlfriend] stated they had gotten into an argument during the evening of May 4th, and that she had broken up with him,” Mt Shasta Police Department shared in a post on Facebook on May 19, 2020. “She said they still spent the night together at the Cold Creek Inn and in the morning, she had gone alone to watch the sunrise. She was walking back to her room just after 9 a.m., when she crossed paths with Davohnte. She told us that he still appeared upset and they did not say anything to each other.”

MSPD said the girlfriend’s report corroborated with their review of surveillance footage that captured Davohnte around the city. During an interview with X1 Media, Sergeant Devin Priddy stated nothing appeared unusual in reviewing the videos of Davohnte, however, he noted that his disappearance is suspicious and believes the girlfriend knows more to the story than they’re being told.

“I found the girlfriend unusual,” Priddy said. “In reviewing our interviews with her, she struck me as odd and not very caring or too worried about Davohnte.”

Davohnte’s girlfriend has never been publicly named or identified. MSPD said she is a person of interest and there are no suspects at this time.

“I do believe [the girlfriend] and a few others know what happened and they are just not talking right now,” Priddy added. “In 11 years, I have never seen a case like this.

“This is absolutely our biggest case.”


X1 Media reviewed and confirmed numerous public posts made by the girlfriend on her social media accounts. Two separate posts in particular did not explicitly mention her involvement in his disappearance, but rather question the validity of her story.

On January 18, 2021, the girlfriend publicly posted a video of a taped phone call with an individual seemingly admitting their involvement in Davohnte’s disappearance.

“When I met you and we went and hid [Da]vohnte’s phone and stuff, that’s when I sold myself to the devil.” The person on the phone responded to the girlfriend. “When I was trying to help you cover up some (expletive)…And we was driving for a few hours.”

In a separate public post, the girlfriend posted a video with a piece of paper titled, “The Kidnapping of Davohnte Van Morgan.” The paper had dozens of names listed and the girlfriend explained a possible plot into why he is missing.

MSPD acknowledged the case is being treated as suspicious but never hinted that Davohnte may have been kidnapped.

X1 Media discovered both posts after our interview with Sergeant Priddy. He has not yet responded to our request for follow up comment.

X1 Media contacted the girlfriend for comment and she did not respond to our request.


Terri Barnes, Davohnte’s mother, said she spoke to her son over the phone and learned he and the girlfriend were at Lake Tahoe on May 4, 2020. Barnes said she wasn’t aware that Davohnte went to Mt Shasta until he was reported missing.

Davohnte’s family noted that he always keeps in contact with them especially when they are traveling.

“He didn’t check on me, he didn’t call me to make sure everything is alright and that’s not like him,” Armani Reed, Davohnte’s sister, told X1 Media. “He always makes sure he goes out of his way to let his family know that he loves them.”

According to the police report, Davohnte did not have a working cell-phone. In a Facebook post, MSPD shared that his cell phone was tracked on multiple occasions but was pinged in Oakland, California on May 3, 2020 – the day before he arrived in Mount Shasta.

MSPD said he did not use his phone while in Mount Shasta.

Barnes said she spoke to Davohnte while he and the girlfriend were at Lake Tahoe on May 3, 2020 right before they drove up to Mount Shasta. She also alleges MSPD pinged the wrong phone during their investigation.

“[MSPD] claimed they pinged the girlfriend’s phone and not his phone,” Barnes said. “They said they were going to take another six months to get a warrant to ping [Davohnte’s] actual phone. At that moment I realized I was done with (MSPD).”


Davohnte’s family hired a private investigator a few years ago. However, the family did not retain the investigator because of costs.

The case is under investigation and anyone with information is asked to contact the Mount Shasta Police Department: (530) 926-7540

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1 month ago

Such a sad situation and ridiculous that Mount Shasta are not doing anything about it. Sounds like a cover up to me

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