Our Mission

X1 Media is a proudly Black-owned media company that is dedicated in advancing the future of news. Journalism is rapidly and alarmingly changing. Since 2020, many local news outlets have been forced to cut staff, bought out by big companies and negatively impacted employee moral and finances.

X1 Media is dedicated in its mission of “community comes first.” Shows and articles will highlight the positivity in communities around the globe and bring attention to issues facing people everyday.

Many aspiring journalists, mostly minorities, often face difficult roadblocks to get into and succeed in the industry. X1 Media Academy will offer several affordable classes for students year-round, with an opportunity to intern or work at the job of their dreams. Students will be able to choose between learning about radio, film, television, music, photography, video game development, etc – taught by experienced professionals. Along with making classes affordable, students will have the opportunity to earn college credits towards an associate or bachelor’s degree to an accredited school.

X1 Media has three goals: change, teach and uplift. We intend to keep media exciting all while inspiring the next generation of journalists.